Hi my name is Roberto Gonzalez E.

I am a passionate world of images from behind the camera. My career is based on the world of photography, video and media.

With over 13 years dedicated to the world of the picture, I have been specializing in the social events and refreshing in repotaje constantly in both style and technical equipment offering a product, fresh, current, and the result is an unforgettable memory in the lives of two people. I try to be close with my clients by offering a wide range of options and prices.

I feel real passion for my work and try to beat me in every wedding, in each photograph to get what you like and for that I surround myself with true professionals who work with me with the same passion.

Flee from rigid formats and taxes and I am fervent critic of the exclusive in which there is no room for choice and creativity.





                 "The most important thing is not the camera but the eye."

                  Alfred Eisenstaedt